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Hall of Fame

CMSA Hall of Fame was founded by Teal Henkel.

Teal and the CMSA Board of Directors want to recognize our great cowboys and cowgirls by picking one cowboy and one cowgirl out of five nominees in each category, to be inducted into our CMSA Hall of Fame.

Every year from this year forward, at the CMSA World Championships, two new inductees will be recognized for years of hard work, skills, and dedication.

Each Hall of Fame inductee will receive a beautiful trophy to keep in remembrance of this honorary occasion, and a place in our Hall of Fame with their picture and biography in the CMSA Rundown, holding their place of honor in CMSA History!

Hall of Fame Criteria:

  • Best Ambassador/Promoter of the Sport
  • Best Dresser
  • World/National Champion
  • Number of Shoots Attended
  • Length of Membership

CMSA Cowboy Hall of Fame

Jim Rodgers (2001) Arizona

  • CMSA Founder and Chairman of the Board
  • The original NFR Colt Invitational Champion Cowboy
  • 94 CMSA World Champion Cowboy
  • 96, 97, 98 World High Point Champion Cowboy
  • 92, 93, 94, 95, 96 & 99 CMSA National Champion Cowboy

Frank Turben (2001) Arizona

  • CMSACommissioner and Board Director
  • 97, 98 CMSA Reserve World Champion Cowboy
  • 98, 99 CMSA Reserve National Champion Cowboy
  • 96 ACMSA Founding President
  • Multi-champion Cowboy

Phil Spangenberger (2001) California

  • 94 CMSA Founding Board of Directors and Inspirer
  • Western Historian and Author
  • Firearm Historian and Author
  • Multi-champion Cowboy

Greg Worley (2001) California

  • California Board of Directors
  • Award Coordinator/Sponsorships for CMSA WPQ's
  • Happy Trails Children Foundation Chairman
  • Multi-champion Cowboy

Joe Whiteley (2002) California

  • Founding President of the California Desperados
  • Major supporter of CMSA
  • Multi-champion Cowboy

Don Hensley (2003) Arizona

  • CMSA Board of Directors
  • Major supporter of CMSA and ACMSA
  • Multi-champion Cowboy

Randy Myers (2003) Colorado

  • Started the first CMSA Club in Colorado
  • On the National Advisory Board
  • Produced the Salt Lake City Olympic Shoot
  • Produced the Western U.S. Championship
  • Produced the Pro Series of Cowboy Mounted Shooting

John Pat Doyle (2004) Kansas

  • Chairman of the Rifle Commity
  • 01 Senior Division Champion
  • Multi-champion Cowboy

Robert Ruwe (2005) Ohio

  • "One of the best highlights was being asked to come to a shoot and try Cowboy Mounted Shooting out, it was fun and exciting then in 1999 and it still is in 2007. I have met some really great Cowboy's & Cowgirls. - I was the 1st Level 5 shooter east of the Mississippi and the 1st shooter to accumulate 1000 National Points. In 2003 I had a Class 5 World Win! I was the 1st Senior Men's 6 shooter east of the Mississippi. Ultimately being inducted into the CMSA Hall of Fame was a very proud Honor for me."

John Peel (2006) Arizona

  • First CMSA Vice President
  • On the Original Board of Directors

Dan Plaster (2007) Missouri

  • CMSA President

Brady Carr (2007) Tennessee

  • CMSA Director

Mike Harvey (2012) Texas

Denny Sonnenfelt (2013) Wyoming

Dan App (2013) Ohio

William Keys (2013) Connecticut

Don Sronce (2014) Texas

Mark Marley (2015) New Mexico

Steve Miller (2016) Montana

Jeff Chadwick (2017) North Carolina

Gary Vickers (2017) Tennessee

Chad Little (2019) Minnesota

Dave Bishop (2019) Arizona

Sam Helms (2022) North Carolina

Matt Sronce (2022) Texas

Zane Chunn (2022) Arkansas

CMSA Cowgirl Hall of Fame

2001-Linda Spangenberger (2001) California

  • 95, 96, 97 World Champion Cowgirl
  • 96, 97 CMSA World Highpoint Champion Cowgirl
  • 97 CMSA National Champion Cowgirl
  • 96, 97 California Desperados State Champion Cowgirl
  • 97 Arizona State Champion Cowgirl

2002-Marian Hensley (2002) Arizona

  • ACMSA Treasurer and Board of Directors
  • ACMSA Awards Banquet Chairman
  • 01 World Point Top Ten Cowgirl
  • Multi-champion Cowgirl

2003-Cheryl McLane (2003) Texas

  • Founder and Chairman of Gulf Coast Mounted Shooters
  • 01 Texas Lady High Point Champion
  • 02 Olympic CMSA Match Qualifier
  • 03 Western South Central Regional Lady Champion
  • Chairman of the 04 American Paint Horse Exhibition

2004-Lily Rodgers (2004) Arizona

  • First Lady of CMSA
  • Public Relations and Ambassador of Cowboy Mounted Shooting since its beginning in 1991
  • First CMSA Announcer
  • CMSA Volunteer Photographer
  • Multiple time Top Ten High Point Cowgirl
  • Has won many Costume Awards

Dee Ladd (2005) Arizona

Sharon Scronce (2006) Texas

Annie Bianco Ellett (2007) Arizona

  • CMSA Spokeswoman

Barb Ruwe (2011) Ohio

Lily Rodgers (2013) Arizona

Barb Haydon (2014) Missouri

Teal Rodgers-Henkel (2014) Arizona

Kenda Lenseigne (2015) Arizona

Ruth Jeffers (2015) Alabama

Mary Ellen Lantis (2016) South Dakota

Tammy Coffman (2017) Tennessee

Andra Olson (2018) Minnesota

Glenda Wilson (2019) Tennessee